Aug 17, 2014
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The Importance of Colour in Branding and Marketing

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Colour Psychology and how it relates to influencing emotions is one of the most fascinating and controversial topics in marketing and design. Anyone in the business world today would understand and appreciate the impact of colour. If you are involved in marketing, display, design and advertising, there is always a need to keep up to date on the usage of colour as a means of instant communication.

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Top 10 Manager Apps [October 2018]

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We use Sticky Password for our password management protocol. We’ve also used Dashlane in the past, however at that time we encountered some issues with the app, hence the change to Sticky Password. Most of the Password Managers on this list have tweaked their apps to work perfectly with multiple devices. You can read the full article here.


Social Media

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by Jacob Maslow | August 29, 2018

Social media marketing is a core component of any business’s online marketing strategy. But many businesses make the mistake of assuming that they can turn their account posting on auto-pilot and see an increase in sales and traffic. There needs to be a strategy in place and some thought behind your social media strategy. Following these four best practices can help you see better results.

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Responsive Website Design Explained

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Have you ever visited a website on your mobile device and the page is not laid out right or the text is too small to read? That is because the website was not responsive. A responsive web design can make or break your business. More info


Retina Display

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Retina Display means a high definition display in simple terms. Apple products are not exclusive to this type of display. Retina Display is simply Apple’s term for it but other phones, tablets, and monitors have higher quality displays too. More info


11 Ways to Get Backlinks

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Getting backlinks to your website is an important part of any decent SEO strategy. Spreading your link juice all over the web is a good way to consistently drive traffic to your blog or site over time – but if you don’t want to purchase backlinks, what can you do? More info